Laying out form objects

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This example highlights some of the main considerations when placing objects in a form. Page 2 includes some bonus scripts for changing the visual appearance of the objects, as the user interacts with the form.

Download: Assure Dynamics Layout Form Objects (Rev 1)

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  1. Anders says:


    I saw your example of user visual feedback.
    How to use this highlight on border when focusing when you are using fragments.
    Do you have to set this function on every field individually.

    • Niall O'Donovan says:

      Good question Anders!

      You can set up a function in a script object. This centralises the script to change the visual appearance, which is where the bult of the scripting is located. From there any new object inserted onto the form, can call the script from appropriate events.

      Also, by having the colours (RGB) set as form/global variables, means that the same function will behave differently in each form depending on what values you give the global variables (see Form Properties> Variables).

      There is an example here:

      Hope that helps,


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